The Who Information

The Who are one of the more popular British imports from the 1960's. The band originally consisted of singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townsend, drummer Keith Moon, and bassist John Entwistle. The Who along with the Kinks, popularized the pop-punk style which showed off their penchant for power chords and aggressive drumming. The now deceased drummer Keith Moon was the embodiment of Punk. His extreme lifestyle and hard living was eventually his downfall. Throughout the past four decades The Who solidified their place in Rock history with classic songs such as, " Magic Bus" , " My Generation" , " Who are you" and " Baba O'Reilly" , to name a few.

The Who were also pioneers of the Rock-Opera. In 1969, they released their first Rock-Opera, Tommy. Tommy told the story of a deaf, dumb, and blinc boy with an incredible ability to play pinball. With songs like " Pinball Wizard" and " I'm Free" , Tommy was a huge success as an album. In the early 1990's Tommy was again a smach hit, this time as a Broadway Musical.