The Black Keys Information

The Black Keys formed in 2001. The Ohio-based blues-rock duo, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, are solidifying their career by breaking out of the underground and excelling in their quest to emulate rock and roll in the 21st century.

Their heavily distorted guitar, drums and vocals are reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, with lyrics that are just as accessible and vintage. Their music can easily take listeners to another era, one that screams Woodstock and all things groovy.

Their first album, The Big Come Up, debuted in 2002, which gained them a strong following. They were able to make a bit of a commotion with their second studio album, Thickfreakness, whose tracks appeared in the films I Love You, Man and School of Rock. Rubber Factory also has mild success amongst the media from video game and commercial features. With the promotion of Rubber Factory and Magic Potion, the Keys cinched opening sets for bands such as Radiohead, Pearl Jam and Beck while also nabbing many commercial features with their tracks.

2008’s Attack and Release was produced by Danger Mouse and featured the track Rolling Stone slated the 23rd best song of the year, “I Got Mine.” 2008 was a big year, as they played in the Roots’ Picnic on the Pier Festival, with Auerbach releasing a solo album and the bank putting out a collaborative album featuring several hip-hop artists called Blakroc. Auerbach said about the project, “Pat and I were prepping for this ever since we were 16.” Despite their collaborative efforts, the Black Keys are by no means hip-hop artists.

Their album Brothers dropped in 2010. Their single, “Tighten Up,” was their first song to hit the U.S. Billboard Top 100 with a #87 hit. They won the MTV Music Video Award for Breakthrough Video with the single and went on to win three Grammys that year. Gaining more exposure, they appeared on Saturday Night Live and were named Top Artists and Top Albums of the year for Spin and Rolling Stone respectively. They went on a headlining tour following the release, but after many consecutive tour dates, had to take a break despite being in such high demand.

On December 6, 2011, they released their new album, El Camino, which features more songs with uptempo sounds. It hit #2 on the U.S. Billboard 200, and in the first week, sold 206,000 albums. They appeared once again on Saturday Night Live and performed their hit single “Lonely Boy” from the new album. El Camino was named Best Album of the Year by both Rolling Stone and Time magazine.

The Black Keys are touring and continuing to grow in their success. They come to Boston’s TD Garden on March 7, 2012.