Stomp Information

Honored the “Most Unique Theater Experience” by Drama Desk, the British musical Stomp is less a musical in the traditional sense and more an interactive rhythmic collaboration between the performers and the audience. Lacking a narrative, the audience is introduced to the dance troupe, led into a very simple clap and response session. As the performance progresses, both the rhythms and the instruments become more complex.

By the end of the evening, the audience and ensemble collaborate on much more complicated rhythms--percussions which might not have been possible earlier in the course of the performance. The audience has learned to listen on Stomp's wavelength, finding music and pleasure in what was once noise and confusion. By exit time, a new level of sensitivity has set in that gives the audience a whole new perspective on the everyday sounds of the city street, combining to allow the exploration of “stomp” and rhythm in everyday life.

The six young artists converse with the audience through a series of a dozen skits and half as many copy-cat clap fests. What begins as a beginner’s course in street performance turns into a full scale interactive concert. A heartwarming performance, Stomp proves to the audience you can find music anywhere, with just about every household object that comes into view. Founded in Bristol, UK in 1991 by Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell, Stomp then began its run at the Orpheum Theater in New York in 1994 and hasn’t stopped playing there since. Finally in 2002 Stomp reached London’s West End (equivalent to our Broadyway) and has been at the Vaudeville Theater ever since.