Martina McBride Information

Martina McBride, born Martina Schiff discovered music through her father, who led a local band in Medicine Lodge, Kansas called the Schifters. Martina followed her music calling into her teen years where she began playing with the Schifters and soon "gigged around Kansas with several different bands".

Ironically, in 1988 Martina married a soundman named John McBride and the two moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1990 where he worked did sound for top musicians and she worked as a demo singer. All the while, she and her husband worked diligently to create her own demo which consequently got her signed as an artist to the RCA label in 1991.

Her career had a slow start with a failed debut album in 1992; The Time Has Come "offering a set of songs catering to traditional honky-tonk country folk". However, a year later in 1993 she produced a sophomore album titled The Way That I Am which re-introduced her to the audience of the country music genre with its pop influences. McBride's sophomore album was her commercial breakthrough, mainly because of her hit single "My Baby Loves Me" in addition to the story-song "Independence Day" that became a testimony to spousal abuse.

McBride went on to make eight more hit albums including holiday classic renditions and compilations CDs. She has appeared on animated series like King of the Hill and has won many awards for Female Vocalist of the Year, Female Video of the Year, Music Video of the Year and Video Director of the Year.