Joshua Radin Information

Joshua Radin is an acoustic and folk singer, songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio. His musical career started in 2004 and he had just learned to play the guitar two years before that. His debut album "We Were Here" released in 2006 on Columbia Records. This presented the first songs that Radin wrote, mainly inspired by a bad break up. The album received a four-star review from Rolling Stone and received much critical acclaim.

His second album "Simple Times" went immediately to #1 on iTunes when it was released. The album's highlighted songs are "You Got Growin' Up To Do," "Brand New Day," and lead single "I'd Rather Be With You." His third album, released October of 2010, was called "The Rock and The Tide." It reached number five on the iTunes albums chart. His fourth studio album is called "Underwater" and was released July 31, 2012.