Daughtry Information

It's hard to believe that Chris Daughtry has only been in this industry since his elimination from the popular show and national contest: American Idol back in 2006.Chris's success since the formation of this self-titled rock band, Daughtry, has been nearly unprecedented. Their self-titled debut album is one of the fastest selling debut albums in rock history. The album sold over a million copies within just five weeks of its release! After an additional four weeks, the album reached number one on the Billboard charts in the U.S.

Chris Daughtry hails from North Carolina. Before joining the ranks of American Idol contestants, Chris spent his days as a service worker at a Honda dealership in Greensboro as well as with his wife and two young children. According to Chris, however, he was practically born to perform. As a child, he enjoyed being the center of attention and was destined for his eventual entrance into the limelight. Chris was also dabbling in rock music before he made it onto the show. He was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for a band called Absent Element. Although his first band never "made it", two of their songs ("Conviction" and "Breakdown") were later combined and used by Chris for his new band Daughtry's debut album.

Despite being only the fourth runner up on American Idol, it looks like Chris Daughtry will have the last laugh. His band is off to an amazing start and his energy during live performances is downright contagious.

Photo by Flickr user Sam Pullara