Cats Information

Cats is a phenomenal musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber about a tribe of Jellicle Cats who come together on a special night to celebrate who they are at the Jellicle Ball. At the end of each ball a cat is chosen by the wise leader Old Deuteronomy to be reincarnated.

While the Cats wait for their leader the audience is introduced to many different characters within the tribe which resemble the many different characters in a human society. Rum Tum Tugger, a playful prankster that loves being the center of attention, Grizabella, the Glamour Cat, that left the tribe years ago to explore the outside world and now wants to rejoin her tribe. Victoria, the young white cat that loves to dance, Munkustrap, the large grey tabby, Jennyanydots, the old gumbie cat that sleeps and lounges all day, and Bustopher Jones who is the "twenty-five pounder", who likes to eat and dresses in a snappy tuxedo.Some of the Cats nominate themselves and others "audition" with song and dance, to be the chosen one, however a complication arises when Old Deuteronomy is abducted by the evil Macavity before a cat is chosen for reincarnation.This entertaining musical has won many awards including the 1983 Tony Award for Best Musical. Come see the outcome of this famous musical and enjoy a night of great music and choreography by everyone's favorite Cat Tribe.