Backstreet Boys Information

While the Backstreet Boys and their boy band counterparts haven’t had been in the limelight lately, they start their American tour this coming weekend in Miami. The Backstreet Boys have put out several albums in the past few years, Never Gone (2005) after a three-year hiatus, Unbreakable (2007) and This is Us (2009). This discs never made it to the success of their 1996 debut album Backstreet Boys.

According to US Billboard, they are the only group since Sade to have had each of their albums reach the Top 10 chart. They’ve also sold over 130 million albums worldwide, making them one of the biggest selling groups ever. Tickets for a Backstreet Boys Carnival Cruise December 9-13 went on sale back in March and have since sold out, though you can sign up to be put on the waitlist. Though they haven’t made too much commotion in the past few years, but they’ve still got it.

What they have lost, though, is band member Kevin Richardson, who was the oldest and thus the easiest to break out of his boy band molding. He left the band in 2006 and there have been the four other original members ever since. The Backstreet Boys make their way to Boston June 8th at the Bank of America Pavillion and will be touring continuously throughout the US all summer. It ought to be a nostalgic concert, reflecting more upon their foremost encounter with fame in the 90’s.